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Graphite-Works PHP and MySql custom content magagement systems and web site designGraphite-Works is a developer team from Budapest, Hungary, specialising in the PHP / MySQL / Linux, Unix, BSD environment, designing custom made content management systems ( custom CMS ) , content administration, automating trivial tasks, and providing stand-alone systems for multi-server web sites as well. GW also provides web site design. The most recent / popular / largest projects include the following web sites:

In-house web development
Googlerankings - monitors search engine ranking and placement in Google
Website diangostics from

Collaboration CMS project
Budapest Hotel ( Szállás ) - Booking System. Server distribution, dynamic CSS based design, php / MySql / XML multi-level administraion.

Web site design
Alkalmi ruha: Esélyi, báli, esküvõi ruhák Budapest - Design and hosting
Kerámia - Dériné Vértes Zsuzsa keramikus
Examina - Development & Management for Bio & Nanotechnology Businesses
Rapid Printers Monterey
Bernardus Winery California
Garden City Foods Inc.
Frear-Haus építõipari tervezés és kivitelezés

Web site design and project management
BpFashion: Budapest Fashion - Divat Magazin

Content Management with eCommerce
Back in Print

Content Management System with multiple level member access

Content Management with B2B multi-level administration
Grants Connect

Content Management System and eLeanrning applications
Kepa eLearning Centre

Content Management System ( custom CMS )
Travel Accomodation U.K.
Who is Who

Webdesign, consultation
Esküvõi fotó: Adrifoto - layout, web implementation, hosting
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